Updates and a first look at the new Alpha Muse

Hi friends!


Fancy a few quick Alpha Muse updates? Here are some of the bits we’re working on at the moment:


Game Intro – We’re in the process of designing a tutorial space that makes sense within our world, meaning not relying on UI, big slabs of text, special cameras, or quirky characters telling you what to do. It’s tricky to not only teach players things they don’t normally encounter in games, but also do it in an organic way without a stack of words or diagrams. Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out!


The Planet – Perhaps the most immediately noticeable change is that the game now takes place on a planet, as opposed to the open, underwater/space thing we were previously going for. Players spread around a globe, each owning their own persistent space for making songs. The planet is a whole heap bigger than the old game world meaning there’s a stack more to explore, but also that things such as navigation have now become major challenges for us to overcome. Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out! Did I already do that bit?

This big ol’ planet of ours will also have a representation outside the game world as part of a new web based addition to the game. Anyone will be able to go to the site and hear songs that have been made in the game. More on this at a later date.


Controlling the Music – In previous builds of the game you would grab large numbers of creatures at one time and the music would kind of form itself. It meant that you could get a pretty good song happening quite quickly, but you never really had much control over it. While you will still be able to play that way in future updates, you’ll also be given the option of controlling your song note by note. The feature still has a long way to go, but already it feels fantastic. With full control over your music Alpha Muse could help you become the next Justin Bieber or Lisa Gail Allred!


Words are fun but colourful things are always a bit nicer, so here’s a first look at it, debug visuals and all. Very much a work in progress, clearly! It’ll definitely get a whole lot prettier before the next release.



The plan for now is to take it to GDC in two tiny little weeks. We’re also planning on releasing a sexy new video soon which will give everyone the full body shivers. This time it’s going to be more of an inspiration piece to set the tone for the forthcoming release. It won’t show gameplay but it will look very lovely, just you wait.


That’s all!

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