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TechEd 103

The Sound of Azure

Current Circus in collaboration with Microsoft have showcased an interactive website along with an interactive dome for Sydney’s TechEd conference. The website enabled users to see and hear the data flows of Australian businesses using Microsoft Azure services, as well as create their own soundwaves. Playfully interacting with the Azure Dome visuals empowered users to manipulate sounds created by company data.  … Read more →

Version 04a is now available!

New Stuff:  Added buttons to change the pitch of the song Added the ability to isolate a single track to listen it alone Added the ability to clear a single track or the entire song Added a button to change the sounds your creatures make New visuals for song balls that are dropped in the world Added reticles to Oculus… Read more →

PAX East 2014 – Boston

Yossi and Pete had an awesome time at PAX East in Boston. Thanks to all the people who came by to check out our booth and gave Alpha Muse a whirl.

Alpha Muse 03a – now live

New Stuff: Preview of Oculus Rift support (work in progress) New player avatar Energy – collect enough to publish Song Bubbles Hub space New collection mechanic – accept or reject collected creatures New musical creatures and snakes Additional music pack/track from Perfect Stranger Song Bubble – save and share music Music Flock Control – more control over your music New multiplayer… Read more →

New Build Available – Alpha Muse 02a

Alpha Muse 02a is now available for download. The new goodies include: Multiplayer – first pass, see other players in the world Blueprint of expanded universe – representation of 3 more worlds, currently empty but gives an idea of our plans ahead. Fast channels connecting the worlds Musical Cluster – prototype of an audio visualisation centerpiece We’ve also been fairly… Read more →


Rainbow Serpent – here we come!

After seeing Muse take life within the Central Park Living Mall, we’re now taking Muse on the road! Current Circus is now working on another Muse installation which we will debut at this year’s Rainbow Serpent festival, with plans of taking with us to GDC14 in San Francisco in March (we’ll keep you updated!). We have designed an interactive installation… Read more →

Central Park - Muse

Central Park Project – Muse

We’ve been quite busy over the last couple of months on a pretty exciting project – a huge interactive wall installation at the soon-to-be-open Central Park mall in Sydney. It opens Thursday 31st October and will feature a version of Muse, alongside a couple of other interactive apps – a flower creation tool and motion controlled music app.   Read more →