Where have the dev team gone?

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    Happy Himitsu

    Hi guys, just wondering what is up. Haven’t messaged you in a while and with CV1 and Vive right around the corner I’m wondering if we will still get another update in the meantime to enjoy on our DK2’s.

    We did help fund this project, would be a friendly gesture if you could keep us in the loop. Please? :)

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    You are right. I wonder what happened. It feels like they stopped developing. There havent been any updates and even after sending them an email about 3 motnhs ago there is no feedback. Really sad for the project itself because I like the idea a lot.

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    Happy Himitsu

    Very sad that this awesome game seems abandoned. I understand it’s hard not to feel lost amongst the crowd with so many titles out there shipping, but Alpha Muse was seriously something very special and fit VR 100%.

    Hope you haven’t all given up entirely….

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    Hello, is it completely dead ? I really hope not I had high hopes.

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