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Alpha Muse – Access

Join the Alpha Muse community!

The project is now in public development, and we are now offering Alpha Muse Accounts. It is our intention to offer a range of ways to get involved and support the project, and we will announce additional tiered accounts soon that will offer different perks and levels of access to the project.

Alpha Muse is a living project which means we are constantly experimenting, iterating and releasing content. Our intention is to always release content that we think enhances your experience, though some may result in dramatic changes when you get an updated release.

All we ask of you is to play Alpha Muse and share your thoughts, concerns and suggestions via the forum.

We think this is an exciting space to be in, and we want to share it with you as it grows and evolves!

Alpha Muse Account – $15 USD

  • Access to Alpha Muse releases
  • Full access to
  • Mailing List
  • Steam Key (when available)
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